• Warning of Danger
    By Emergency Services, Company Representative or local radio. If it is safe to do so, check that your neighbours have heard it.

  • Go In
    Go indoors. Do not collect your children from school, they will be properly cared for.

  • Stay In
    Switch off ventilation fans, aircon units and all sources of ignition, including gas and electrical heating appliances. Block incoming draughts and close windows. Do not light matches or naked flames. Do not smoke. Stay calm and rest.

  • Tune In
    Follow the instructions given by the companies or the Emergency Services and listen to the radio. Do not use the phone to contact the company, keep their lines free for emergency use.

  • All Clear
    Wait inside until the all clear is given or you are given other advice. Messages giving the all clear will be issued by the Emergency Services, Company Representative or local radio.

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All companies listed in this information web site are subject to the Control of the Major Accident Hazards Regulations 2015, commonly referred to as 'COMAH'.

The COMAH regulations aim to prevent major accidents occurring involving dangerous substances, and in the unlikely event that one did occur, aim to limit their consequences to people and the environment. In summary, they require COMAH site operators, where quantities of potentially dangerous substances are present, to:

Complete detailed health, safety and environmental risk assessments and reduce risks as far as reasonably practicable Inform their neighbours of the nature and hazards of these substances and give advice on emergency response Draw up and regularly test detailed emergency plans in conjunction with the Emergency Services to deal with a fire or other emergencies on their sites.

This web site is part of a continuing process of keeping you informed, as required by the regulations, and does not imply any increased risk to the public.

Each local authority in the UK has established Emergency Planning or Emergency Management Services which work closely with the COMAH sites and their local emergency responders. These Services have a duty to prepare offsite emergency plans which coordinate the response to major accidents occurring at any one of the COMAH sites. An offsite emergency would be an accident which could have the potential to affect the local community and the environment.

If have any queries regarding this information or if you need any advice regarding COMAH then please contact your local Emergency Planning Service:

Emergency Planning Manager
Humber Emergency Planning Service
County Hall
Beverley HU17 9BA
Telephone: 01482 393939

Emergency Planning & Business Continuity Manager
Emergency Planning & Business Continuity Service
Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue Headquarters
South Park Avenue
Lincoln LN5 8EL
Telephone: 01522 582220

South Yorkshire Fire & Rescue
197 Eyre Street
Sheffield S1 3FG
Telephone: 01482 887700

How you will be warned and be kept informed

Arrangements have been made with local radio stations, to interrupt programmes and issue an emergency warning to people in the event of an incident. Local radio stations will be used to keep you fully briefed on any emergency situation through regular bulletins on air.

Actions you should take if an incident occurs

The slider at the top of the site lists the actions you should take should an incident occur. Please read this information carefully and talk to your family about it. Keep it bookmarked, so you can refer to it quickly.

For your own safety you are also advised to co-operate with any instructions or requests made by the COMAH sites or the Emergency Services at the time of an incident. If you require any further information relating to specific COMAH sites, please contact them directly using the information on the following pages.